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Arinsal gondola, Pal Arinsal Ski resort, Vallnord

Carretera d’Arinsal, camino Pont d’Arinsal, pueblo de Arinsal

Within a short 1 minute walk, you will have the access to the Arinsal gondola that takes you up to the slopes of Arinsal.

Here you have the contact information of the Ticket office:

Telecabina de Arinsal, Els Orriols, pueblo de Arinsal:

Carretera d’Arinsal, camino Pont d’Arinsal, pueblo de Arinsal
AD400 La Massana. Principat d’Andorra

Tel. +376 737 020

Email: atcarinsal@vallnord.com

Caldea – Thermal Spa

Parc de la Mola, 10, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

If you want to relax and need to escape from monotony and stress, we have the solution! Caldea, the thermal spa of Andorra – come and relax after an intense day of skiing in Vallnord Pal Arinsal.

Did you know that Caldea is the largest thermal spa in Southern Europe? In addition, it was built in 1994 and has been designed for you to enjoy a wellness experience in hot springs full of contrasts. Also, its building is very characteristic and can make us imagine the silhouettes of the mountains.

The hot springs that you will find in Caldea emerge at 70ºC, and are special for their properties; rich in sulfides and minerals as well as sodium and oily as thermal plankton. These waters produce antiallergic, healing and decongestant effects. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Also, do not miss the opportunity to go in winter and witness the greatest spectacle of nature.

Watching snow while you are submerged in very warm waters. It is a unique experience!

You can book your ticket with special prices on our website or by sending us an email – bookings@hotelmicolau.com

Contact information

Address: Parque de la Mola, 10, AD700 Escaldes – Engordany
Phone: +376 800 999
Email: booking@caldea.com

Comapedrosa natural park Information point

Carretera de Arinsal, no 5, AD400 Arinsal, Andorra

The visitor centre facilities serve as an information point for the natural park and for the tourist activities in the parish in general.
The building has an attached structure with several illustrative panels. They provide information about the protected open area, such as the physical environment, the biological environment, the cultural heritage, the facilities and the activities, the itineraries and information about the parish of La Massana in general.

It also has tables with benches and a large map indicating the paths in the natural park.

Opening times

July and August, Mondays to Sundays,
from 8:00 to 15:00.

Telephone: (+376) 647 021

Roc del Quer Viewpoint

Ctra. de Montaup, AD300 Ordino, Andorra

Roc del Quer viewpoint is one of those places that one never forgets. Not only does it afford views that are etched into one’s memory forever, it also offers the unique experience of being suspended in mid-air surrounded by the magnificence of the Pyrenees. It’s not surprising that, even though it wasn’t inaugurated long ago, it has already become one of Canillo’s most renowned attractions. It’s open to all, free and an unbeatable spot to take in the grandeur of our small country. Don’t miss out!

The Mirador del Quer or Mirador de Canillo viewpoint, as many call it, is a 20-metre walkway, of which 8 metres are on solid ground while the other 12 seem to stretch into the scenery itself: this part of the walkway is a platform that is suspended in mid-air, creating the impression that you’re levitating above the valley. Not only will the magic of this place make you feel like you’re presiding over the Pyrenees; part of the walkway is made of transparent glass, further reinforcing the sense of height. Moreover, it is noteworthy that this part was installed in 2016.

The complex has an outdoor car park, a scenic route, a stepped viewpoint with an open-air museum and a wooden and glass cantilevered walkway with sculpture.
Price: Free entry
Summer Hours: from 09:00 to 22:00
Winter hours: Pending confirmation of opening (access to the Mirador may be closed due to snow)


From Canillo: at the entrance to the town of Canillo (coming from Andorra la Vella) take the detour to the left of the secondary road of “Montaup” (towards Coll d’Ordino). The lookout is up at the top. The road is winding (mountain road) and it takes about 10 minutes to make the ascent by car.
From Ordino: Take the uphill road to “Coll d’Ordino”. Access to the road is at the roundabout in the center of the town. Estimated time about 15 min. Winding road with curves.

The Comapedrosa Interpretation Centre

Carretera de Arinsal, 6-10, AD400 Arinsal, Andorra

The Comapedrosa Interpretation Centre (CIC) is a 182-m2 multipurpose building in Arinsal that was openedto inform the public about the wealth of the natural park.

It offers you a view of the flora, fauna and the geomorphology through different panels with explanations.  There is also an audio-visual which shows the evolution of the park through the different seasons of the year and the different routes available for excursions.

Entrance is free. Request more information about opening hours at the tourist office or contact them directly as per information below:

Telephone: (+376) 837 111

Email: cic@comumassana.ad

Vallnord Bike park – La Massana

Vallnord – Pal Arinsal. Sector Pal, La Massana, Andorra

The La Massana bike park, in Andorra, is now ready for you to enjoy the descent also in summer.You can come alone or with your family and if you want to experience it with children, don’t worry, Vallnord Bike Park has a children’s area with circuits of easy level, suitable for beginners. In addition, the Vallnord Bike Park school has a team of qualified professionals to teach introductory and advanced courses, both individually and collectively.


Descent at high speed through a route with obstacles and difficulties such as logs, stones, jumps, etc. You can descend through routes of all levels. And, if you master this modality, you can also access the official circuits of the Mountain Bike World Cup.

Vallnord Bike Park has 2 Enduro circuits, one red level and the other Blue. It contains sections where you must pedal. 80% of the journey runs on paths or trails.

The WoodPark is a circuit for all levels that offers wooden obstacles such as jumps, walkways, slopes, potholes …

Area to practice before starting the descents. Here we will work on balance and piloting skills.

Circuits, mostly, to pedal. There are 3 different levels and it is recommended to use specific Cross Country (XC) bikes. The higher level courses have technical zones with roots and rocks.

Circuit that combines jumps with highland areas, step-ups, chained banks and log areas.

New specific circuit for E-bike from the town of La Massana to the Coll de la Botella suitable for all levels.

In this Bike Park you will also find routes for beginners and for people of any age and MTB level. In the children’s area, for example, you can enjoy cycling with the whole family. In addition, you can also find the Mini WoodPark, an area with wooden obstacles although special for children from 6 to 10 years old in this case.


  • Check that the helmet is in perfect condition and adjust it.
  • Check your bike and check that everything is correct.
  • Check your brake pads.
  • Check the pressure of the tires and that they are well sealed.
  • Check the different bindings: handlebar, grips, stem, saddle and seatpost.

In the Andorran town of La Massana is the Vallnord Bike Park La Massana, a ski resort in winter converted into a downhill area in summer. The area has more than 40 km of descent and a slope of more than 1000 m and is equipped with three mechanical lifts that connect up to 25 circuits of different levels of difficulty. This Bike Park has become, in recent years, one of the most important in southern Europe due to the quality of its facilities, a unique environment and a wide range of circuits and slopes.

Contact information:

Telephone: +376 878078

Email: atcpal@vallnord.com

Arinsal Ski School

Arinsal Ski Resort, Estació d’Esquí d’Arinsal, La Massana, Andorra

Arinsal ski school is extremely family friendly and is the only ski school in Andorra to offer children’s group lessons from as young as 4 years of age.

You’ll find plenty of information about the school here plus details of their three main products:

  • Group lessons (19 hours, Monday to Friday or15 hours, Monday to Thursday or 11 hours Monday to Wednesday)
  • Find Your Ski Legs (4 hours, Monday & Tuesday)
  • Private lessons (fully flexible)

Contact information:

Telephone: +376 737029 / +376 836131
Email: escolaarinsal@vallnord.com

Andorra Shopping Street

Both Avenida Meritxell, Andorra la Vella, and Avenida Carlemany de Escaldes-Engordany, (also known as “Vivand” the shopping line in Escaldes), have undergone a process of urban remodeling and beautification, with the aim of transforming a large part of the line of shops that crosses the two parishes (the famous “Andorran shopping street”) in a more accessible space, increasing the pedestrian sections and providing the rest of urban aspects that allow you to enjoy a day of shopping in Andorra with total comfort.

Av. Carlemany (Vivand), was a pioneer in Andorra in transforming its commercial area into a pedestrian area. Now, the transformation has been taken a step further, unifying the appearance of the entire street, eliminating the central parts of the old road that were still tarred and thus leaving a much more beautiful, comfortable and accessible street to all pedestrians. The works on this street will resume in September 2018 to finish with the remodeling of the last section and thus end the reform.

In short, this great remodeling of the Andorra shopping area is a great step that brings us closer to turning the country’s commercial center into one of the best shopping centers in southern Europe and where you will find all kinds of shops (clothing, footwear, pharmacies, sports, perfumery …), with the most exclusive brands and a large stock of products at very advantageous prices due to the difference in taxes with neighboring countries.

Shopping in Andorra is a real luxury for lovers of Shopping.

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