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Arinsal has a great selection of restaurants to choose from including Mexican, Thai, Chinese, British, and Argentinian, obviously as well as the local cuisine, which is Catalan, and well worth trying.

The most popular restaurants are:

  • Our California Grill right in the ground floor of our Hotel.
  • Restaurant El Cabin: located a few meters from the gondola, you can find the great atsmophere and good food from wraps and burgers to pizzas.
  • Polar Bar – located at the top of the gondola, this bar restaurant is a great place to stop for a drink and enjoy the best breakfast at the slopes. Good selection of snacks and meals to refresh your energy levels for skiing or snowboarding.
  • Hunters Sports Bar & Grill – Warm and friendly décor makes you feel home in the mountains. Peruvian and british specialities.
  • El Molí – a relaxed restaurant with international homemade food. Thai curry is delicious.
  • Surf Arinsal – Argentinian Steak restaurant, cooked on open grill, pastas and burgers.

Also is very well known for its night life. Arinsal is full of bars & pubs. You will find that many of the bars have ‘PRs’ who give out fliers for special offers in their bar. These include free snacks and drinks to entice you in! Make the most of these as they can save you quite a lot of money, as well as fill a hole before dinner!

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